MARIO DELIĆ H.F.S. Cinematographer

Mario Delić (Zagreb, Croatia 1971) works in flm and TV industry since 1990. His work in field of still photography in late '80s evolved to cinematography, resulting in experience in flm and digital formats. Mario's active worldwide, and has worked in Europe, Middle East, Southeast Asia, North Africa and USA.

Mario holds an array of skills such as lighting design, camera operating (gearhead, fuidhead, remote head), Steadicam operating (Master Film rig owner), flmmaking at the sea, etc. 
In addition to DP credits on 3 movies and 12 TV series, he has shot 100+ TV commercials, two dozen of documentaries, directed 80+ music videos and promos, shot numerous TV programs and photographed advertising campaigns and personal photography projects. 
Among other work he has operated camera and/or Steadicam for directors Jon M. Chu, Gideon Raff, Tom Kuntz, Miguel Gaudencio, OC Madsen, also DP’s Vanja Černjul ASC, Benoit Debie, Stephen Keith-Roach, Itai Neeman, Luca Robecci, etc.

He's an active member of H.F.S. (Croatian Society of Cinematographers), HDFD (Croatian Film Artists Association), HZSU (Croatian Freelance Artists Association) and DSC (Digital Cinema Society). 

With fluency in English, he gained extensive knowledge of Arabic, some German, bits of Italian and Spanish. As native Croatian speaker he also speaks other Slavic languages from the region.

Mario shares an Emmy Award (1998) with a group of authors for documentary "Calling the Ghosts" produced by Bowery Productions, USA (DoP and Line Producer credits). He's the winner of Best Image Award (2009) by Egyptian Broadcast Union for series "My heart is my guide - Ana Albi Dalili" ( a.k.a. Layla Mourad story). He was nominated for Best Cinematography Award in 2014. for his work on “It's Not All About The Money” feature film. He was also a DoP of TV ad “Sony PS Pretorians”, winner of Silver Drumstick Award 2003 at Goldendrum festival.

He was the 2nd Unit Director of Photography and 1st Unit B camera operator on Warner Brothers 2018 box office hit "Crazy Rich Asians" directed by Jon M. Chu.

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